Monday, 11 April 2011

Photos from last week...

Wow the weather has changed significantly in the short space of about a week...the first signs of Spring and Summer always put me in a fabulous mood, the first thing I noticed was this beautiful cherry tree blossom outside our flat!!! I'm sure it will only flower for a bit though which is always a shame, I wish trees were pink all year round!!!

Warm sunny mornings can only mean one thing!!! Breakfast on the beach!!! I love going to the Real pattisserie on western road as they do a mean Earl Grey and Chocolate Almond Croissant!!!

Working on lots of new summery designs, the chunky profiles are doing well in the shop at the mo so I have some more of these to upload tomorrow!!

New Display cards...

And new business cards, love themso much they have a super cute narwhale on them!!

BBQs and evenings spent on the beach!!! Clocked up two BBQs so far since the sun came our again, here's hoping for a third this weekend!! Wearing some ace tights from Falke here!!!

Brighton pier in the background

...and a beautiful sunset!!! Goodbye untill next time!!!

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

New Sea Pottery

Click on pieces to view in shop....

Hand drilled willow sea pottery shards, paired with some other unusual patterns like raku, foliage designs, texture and one watermarked piece! Very one of a kind!
Simple criss crossed bands of wire on crisp white sea pottery....Goodbye, untill next time!!!