Photos from last week...

Wow the weather has changed significantly in the short space of about a week...the first signs of Spring and Summer always put me in a fabulous mood, the first thing I noticed was this beautiful cherry tree blossom outside our flat!!! I'm sure it will only flower for a bit though which is always a shame, I wish trees were pink all year round!!!

Warm sunny mornings can only mean one thing!!! Breakfast on the beach!!! I love going to the Real pattisserie on western road as they do a mean Earl Grey and Chocolate Almond Croissant!!!

Working on lots of new summery designs, the chunky profiles are doing well in the shop at the mo so I have some more of these to upload tomorrow!!

New Display cards...

And new business cards, love themso much they have a super cute narwhale on them!!

BBQs and evenings spent on the beach!!! Clocked up two BBQs so far since the sun came our again, here's hoping for a third this weekend!! Wearing some ace tights from Falke here!!!

Brighton pier in the background

...and a beautiful sunset!!! Goodbye untill next time!!!

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  1. I agree, I wish trees would stay pink year round too! I think warm spring days put most everyone is a fabulous mood! Oh, and cute tights! :)

  2. Seeing the images on your blog makes me wanna live down the shore.




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