Monday, 30 March 2009

Musing about RRP!

Howdy, I drilled loads and loads of stuff today, been making them into necklaces. I really like the fact that they are mostly white but quite plain, and then the surface texture is ridged or speckled with flowers, theres even a decandent teapot handle! They are so pretty and look really effective together, and they are the sort of thing that you could wear with anything.
Today I did some boring things, thought I better keep on top of that now. I tried to look at how to price my work, its scary how much all the little things add up, like listing fees, website fees, new materials, printer ink! arghhh! I was reading in a forum today about someone who was concerned their work on Etsy was too overpriced, or they wanted to raise their prices or something. The point of mine being that is costly trying to make extra money with your creative outputs! You forget about relisting fees on etsy, the time it takes to make an item, the time it takes to photograph, edit the photograph and resize it, write a description, list it etc. Packaging costs, buisness cards, material costs, equipement, boxes, tissue paper, it all adds up. I take alot of time with my work and focus on great design and durability with my work, and due to the nature of working with found objects most are one off. People will quite happily walk into a shop on the high street and pay $10 for a pair of earrings that has been churned out in its thousands and probably only cost about 60c to make in some Asian factory, with a huge markup, and then recoil in horror when they see you charging another $5 more. Charge too much, your work looks cheap, charge too much and you look like your ripping people off! I sat down and worked out how much i was going to pay myself an hour, how long it would take to make an item, including photographing, editing, uploading, packing and postage, my material costs and obviously the time it takes to beachcomb and find all these objects, oh, and all the other stuff I just mentioned above, so I am happy with my prices. I am aware people view it as too expensive, but I am happy with them because I didnt guesstimate them.
Will list sea pottery soon, I'm still not having any sales, and then the ruddy camera ran out of battery earlier, so i couldnt upload some new work I had done, grr, and I'm try to ram my shop with stuff! Anyway, cheerio for now,

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Seagull picture

Heres a seagull I doodled too, which I layered on top of a blown up image of a piece of Coral I found in Thailand. Apparently your not meant to bring that stuff back but I didn't know! It was just lying there on the beach and I picked it up because it looked pretty, its pretty massive really. I'm always beachcombing on holiday so I was surprised when a friend pointed out you could get in trouble for taking coral? I dunno, but the stuff I found was pretty dead and tumbled. I want to put it on a necklace for myself!

I've lined up loads of bits to drill, loads of fresh white porcelain shards I found on the beach that have loads of interesting patterns on them, texture patterns, no colour. I read somewhere that its dangerous to drill in water though (you have to drill sea pottery in water so the drill doesnt get too hot) so most people have a drill press or something, so your not holding it if does feel like frying you! Now I'm scared but I prefer drilling pottery to glass anyway. The drill in general scares me though, I found these rock hard muscle shells and they werent drilling and kept slipping, so I rammed loads of bluetac in the bottom of the tub of water to secure the shell and it went through the shell but kept drilling through to the bluetac. This results in the bluetac whizzing up the drill bit and the shell spins round and round up the drill bit erraticaly as I try to grab it, me wailing in panic, scared the shell would explode into a million pieces into my eye. Which it does, sending shell and wet streams of bluetac everywhere. Do not drill bluetac its a stupid idea, tested by me. I'm going to drill on wood next time! Doesnt seem to be as slippery as the glazed terracotta pot im using presently, or as risky as bluetac!
Oh, and I made some hemp / crystal friendship bracelets last night. Will post images!
Gotta go, lasagnes ready!

Seal of Approval

Did this in Photoshop today, superimposing a random seal I drew on top of a blown up pattern of sea pottery, makes it look a bit weird and ancient, just dabbling with images for my new website that I'm working on.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Here we go...

This time a month ago I was sat in an Office, designing jewellery at a computer that didnt really challenge me creatively, so I'm quite excited to be designing my own work now.
I have always loved making jewellery and always wanted to design my own work. I grew up in Cornwall, in the UK, where there were many beautiful beaches and I was inspired by all the stuff I could find, shells, sea glass and pottery, shards of tiles, bottles, plates that have been smoothed by the sea, driftwod, quartz, amethyst nuggets and unusual pieces of smoothed plastic. I love all the stereotypical surf style hemp bracelets, cowrie shell tribal necklaces and found objects on cord bleached by the sun, but I wanted to give it a twist, crystals, chain, more shells, more bling to jazz it up a bit, more formal beach wear, per say! I am inspired by ancient cultures too, like the Oceaneanic cililizations, Eyptians and Aztecs and my favourite jewellery designers are Tom Binns (especially his quirky earlier sea glass work), Enric Majoral and Sebastian Buescher.
Well, I've started my shop now. Its all been a bit of a mission to upload all my new work on Etsy but its there. I thought I would start a blog to log this mission!
I had a look at Kaboodle today and created an account and then got scared. I wasn't sure what I was doing so thought I should just stick to blogging, maybe someone will be interested in my ramblings. Anyway I don't know if anyone will be reading this or whether it will be lost in cyberspace! ARE YOU OUT THERE???!!!
Today I have been making some necklaces for a craft fair next weekend. My mate is coming up from Cornwall and we always used to do them together in Cornwall and the Friends Meeting House has the best cake in the world! Mmmm Orange. Brightons a very seaside-y place so I'm hoping it will sell well.
I've been drilling sea glass and pottery this week and made some items which I put in my shop, I love all the different patterns you find on sea pottery. My friend showed me how to do macrame so have been experiementing with hemp and cupchain. I think hemp and crystals are such a fresh constrast together.
Anyway tonight I'm going to make some more necklaces and upload them on Monday on Etsy. Been rooting through all my beachcombing bags and found a really fantastic bag of sea pottery found a new location that I had stupidly forgotten about, so I will be drilling those too!

oh, and check out my shop! nearly forgot to add that,