Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Hmm well kind of neglected my blog a bit recently, mainly because there is no time and its the busiest time of the year!!!! ARGHHHH! (I feel like most of my sentences end with arghhhhhh!!!! at the moment!) Anyway, lots going on, had a fantastic show at Artists & Makers in Lewes, record sales again, so looking forward to next year already!

Heres me next to a lovely guy called Mark, an artist, who I was placed next to at Artists & Makers, we bonded over a mutual love of mulled wine and Posca pens! I'm actually making a necklace for a customer in this photo above.

Also good old Brighton Fishing Quarter Exhibition has been in Full Swing again and will be untill 21st December. We've actually been really lucky with the weather and I haven't even brought my hot water bottle to work yet, touch wood, (Although have been dropping many hints to Steve I want a Gabrielle Vary Hot water bottle cover for Xmas!) 

As usual as I have my work on show, Driftwood boats galore and my usual wire wrapped jewellery, aswell as some new driftwood pieces (more on that below!) 
 Heres a small selection of the artists we have at the current Makers Boutique Exhibition at Brighton Fishing Quarter... (there are 20 in total so please pop in and say Hi if your rom pom pomming along the seafront!) Were open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday untill 21st December. 
 The fabulous Miss Dufton of Dinah&Co - Handmade Jewellery 

Beautiful and unusual stained glass and found objects by Naomi Frances...

 Screenprinted birds by the lovely Liz Toole...
 LOVE Jorunn's beautiful textural wooly work, I snapped up her scarf on the mannequin in grey and its keep my neck toasty and warm whilst manning the gallery! By Nnuroj
Mann & Moon - Just got Bean a custom fit Brown and teal leather and collar by them, and he has been parading round in it, he looks so swish! 

Trynka - Gorgeous Sterling silver geometric Jewellery, another Christmas present I have been banging on about in the hope I get a pale blue box for Christmas! Not a Tiffany box by the way, YAWNNNNN, A TRYNKA box please! (or two?!) 

 A lovely lady called Lisa from Lisa with Love, turned up to the Makers Boutique Craft Fair in November to give me this which she made! I love it so much! What a cool gift!

Also here are my new driftwood pieces, which involve lots of drilling and Steve yelling at me because there is sawdust everywhere and "don't make holes in the carpet!!!" "do you have to drill that there?!!!" "are you going to hoover the sawdust up or not?!" I think they are fabulous!!! Have listed some of them in my shop, other pieces shown have already sold. I love the black vintage crystals too they are so sparkly, I love a bit of glittery sparkle! 

SOLD - Driftwood & Silver necklace

Driftwood, silver & Vintage crystal necklace

Coral, vintage chandelier crystal, silver, coral (collected by myself sustainably!), faux pearl & driftwood
My current fav - driftwood, vintage crystal, faux pearl & silver necklace. 

Sold - Driftwood & Crystal necklace
Driftwood, crystal, silver and bubble shell necklace. 

Unusual vintage brass chandelier chain, clay pipe & vintage crystal necklace. 

 Also listed some new pendants in the shop... 
Terracotta and blue glaze sea pottery pendant

Light blue willow shard sea pottery necklace

Roman Flower sea pottery necklace

Little Olive - green sea glass necklace

Goodbye, untill next time!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bristol, Bath, and now I have the Murder She Wrote theme tune stuck in my head again....

Well, I've been quite busy recently, doing fun things to the extreme, and work things to the extreme.
I have another market to organise for this weekend, so I've been promoting that in all facets, including a super cool raffle to raise money for Dogs Trust. Also catching up on the scary amount of emails piling up since my holiday, as well as finishing some guest blog posts for Create about creative selling, interviewing artists for UKHandmade, writing my first business article for UKHandmade to go in the actual magazine about Brand Identity (Eek!) and doing a jewellery tutorial for a magazine in Singapore. I feel like Angela Lansbury in the opening sequence to Murder She Wrote, the title music actually plays on repeat in my head sometimes when I'm tap tap tapping away at the keyboard, and will not leave!!! GO AWAY MURDER SHE WROTE! I think if I was a writer full time I would go mad! If I'm not already, anyways, I went to Portugal on holiday in September which was amazing, more about that in another post when I have time, but this weekend I took a long overdue trip to see an old friend in Bristol.
Bristol rules! Very cool city, with an alarmingly fabulous amount of urban art. I'm pretty sure this is the same artist who I saw in the Algarve, called ROA. Love his stuff, its really unique. Don't get me wrong, some graffiti is clever with hidden messages, (not naming anyone famous here otherwise I'll get shot down!) but often the end artwork looks like a cheesy filtered photograph effect in Photoshop. Sometimes you just want to look at a giant illustrated fox holding his tail! 

Apparently one thing you have to do is scare the bejeezers out of your friend when she comes to stay. I  was made to walk over the Clifdon Suspension Bridge, which is SO HIGH and the pedestrian bit is RIGHT UP CLOSE to the edge. I am not scared of heights, but I hate industrial heights. Things that are not natural. I will quite happily stand on a mountain edge and look down, or even jump off a cliff into the sea (look before you leap, mind!) but theres something weird about manmade alternatives. I didn't like the top of the Rockefeller Centre in New York, or the scary see through lifts in the hotel, or the gallery in Barcelona with a glass floor. I don't even like walking up the stairs in an Apple shop as they are see-through. Not cool. Gives your brain weird mixed messages! I thought we were crossing the bridge for a reason, because there was something interesting on the otherside or something. But there wasn't. We went over it to marvel at its beauty and vastness. Could have just looked at it from the edge for future reference McV.  My legs were like jelly afterwards.  

Drank cocktails from a teapot! 

We went to Bath. Its super posh. 

Solar powered bins. Which at first glance seem pointless (why does a bin need power?) but on closer inspection (googling) turn out to be big bins that can hold 8 times as much rubbish and then text staff to let them know when they need emptying. As you do.  Posh Bins. 

Wanted to eat all these meringues... 

Walked along the river which was lovely, loads of canal boats floating about...

Saw an unusual heron. Maybe... This is a rubbish picture as Bean was running toward it as I took the photo and it flew across the river and stood there instead. An intense debate then took place; whether it was a heron or not a heron (me - no - herons are not usually grey all over- McV yes, don't be an idiot thats a heron) So I've been a-googling again. Did you know there are 64 species of heron? I'm used to seeing the grey heron, but never seen this little cute fellow before. I'm still not 100% sure as you do get mostly grey fluffy Grey Heron babies but this one didn't look like that, it was all shiny and sleek and bigger. I think it was a Blue Heron, not a Grey Heron as we commonly get here. But seeing as only a handful of blues have been spotted in the UK since 2007, I highly doubt it. My birdwatching skills are appalling. It was probably a penguin. 

Sleepy Bean tired from all the walking. 

Will update you when I'm back on track with my designs next week, as I want to show you some of my new work made with the shells I collected in Portugal. Oh, and its my birthday weekend so there will be lots of cake (I hope!) too! Hope you have a lovely weekend x

Goodbye, untill next time! 

Friday, 9 August 2013


Oh yeah theres been alorra lorra cake!
In no order....
Lemon Curd cake with my friend at Charlies in Charlestown, Cornwall, she had Lime and Coconut, we both tried eachothers, as you should do!!! 

Tea and chocolate Croissant at Ground. 

Raspberry and Chocolate Torte

Banana Ice Cream from Maroccos 

Best cake I've had in a while - from my new favourite bakery in Lewes, Flint Owl Bakery, this was Victoria Sponge with coconut, strawberry jam and mint syrup. 

Elderflower & Kiwi Panna cotta 

Lemon Meringue from Real Patisserie 

The lovely Lisa from Lubilou made me this fabulous Lemon & Poppy seed cake for our shift at BFQ together. 

A friends birthday cake, the theme was Mad Hatter! theres 4 different cakes inside one here and it looked mental and tasted great! 

Another friends birthday cake, loving the toppings on top! 

Oh and I scoffed a chocolate doughnut that day too! 
Chocolate brownie from Flint Owl Bakery again! 

Cake with a view! And Orange Marmalade cake! 

Goodbye, untill next time!