Oh yeah theres been alorra lorra cake!
In no order....
Lemon Curd cake with my friend at Charlies in Charlestown, Cornwall, she had Lime and Coconut, we both tried eachothers, as you should do!!! 

Tea and chocolate Croissant at Ground. 

Raspberry and Chocolate Torte

Banana Ice Cream from Maroccos 

Best cake I've had in a while - from my new favourite bakery in Lewes, Flint Owl Bakery, this was Victoria Sponge with coconut, strawberry jam and mint syrup. 

Elderflower & Kiwi Panna cotta 

Lemon Meringue from Real Patisserie 

The lovely Lisa from Lubilou made me this fabulous Lemon & Poppy seed cake for our shift at BFQ together. 

A friends birthday cake, the theme was Mad Hatter! theres 4 different cakes inside one here and it looked mental and tasted great! 

Another friends birthday cake, loving the toppings on top! 

Oh and I scoffed a chocolate doughnut that day too! 
Chocolate brownie from Flint Owl Bakery again! 

Cake with a view! And Orange Marmalade cake! 

Goodbye, untill next time! 


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