Monday, 20 December 2010

Sausage Pudding

Well I've eloped down to Cornwall where Ive been holed up for the last 2 weeks working away and sending off the last of my orders to customers and galleries, Then I had the dreaded lurgy and sausage was a lovely companion while I lay in bed feeling sorry for myself and watching episodes of Veronica Mars!! Feeling much better today and now the worst of the snow has lifted I actually managed an epic beachcomb today, you would not believe how heavy my bag was today!!!
Off to Truro tomorrow to do my Xmas shopping I'm really slack every year and always leave it till the last minute although I got some lovely ceramics from Ulrika Jarl in the post today!! (if your reading this gem that was a present spolier!!!)
Anyway to honour the long one here are my favourite photos of him I have taken since I have been down...

Goodbye untill next time!!!

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Monday, 6 December 2010

New Crystal and pottery Bling

Great new sparkly additions to the shop, perfect for the Christmas season, what more can I say?!

Goodbye, untill next time!!!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Remember that snowman I posted yesterday...

Well, here he is today...

Mwh ha ha, the snow has melted and that meant one thing...Lewes was on!!!
The craft fair in Lewes was amazing, as always, so many lovely handmade things, I went a bit nuts at one ceramic stall and bought four pieces, including a milk jug, one of those random things I've always wanted to complete my tea experience!!!
Here are some photos of my stall, you can see my fab new seagul & west pier cushions, I designed the image myself and had the material printed by a brill company called Spoonflower. One went to a happy new home today which I was very pleased about.

I loved all the chairs revamped by Lizzy Rose, they have all been reupholstered in amazing vintage and reclaimed materials, I would love to commission her to revamp our tired old sofa so I'm sure if I badger Steve enough he may agree, he thought the chairs looked a bit "Alice in Wonderland" but I think that is a perfect theme to emulate!!!

So to recap lots of tea, lots of cake and lots of sales makes me a happy bunny!! Goodbye, untill next time!!!

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Friday, 3 December 2010

Month of extreme

Well it's been a while since I updated my blog, last on the agenda was the Makers Boutique Winter Market that me & Katy organized. The event was a huge sucess with lots of sales in the beautiful church of St Nicholas, apparently the oldest church in Brighton, built in the 14th Century!!! We plan to hold another in the new year, hopefully in Febuary, so watch this space!!!

One reason I slipped off the radar is because I have moved too! The perils of renting have reared their ugly head and unfortunately our landlords realised what a fantastic flat we had and moved back in!!! Boo!!
I am very upset to leave and also did not realise how much crap I own!!! Moving crates full of sea glass (essentials!!!) down 4 flights of stairs and up 5 is no mean feat and we were lucky on moving day to have loads of friends help out, some of the boys had the power of ten tigers!!!!

Broken Steve!!! Feel his pain!

Also been busy making stock for the biggest event for me every year, the Lewes Artists & Makers Event at the Foundry Gallery in Lewes. Loads of new pieces and even some rad new cushions!!! It's on tomorrow (Saturday) so if your in the area checkity check it out!!! If you can brave the snow that it!! Fingers crossed I get there!!!

Talking of snow, I found this guy outside my front door yesterday!! Goodbye, untill next time!!!

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Friday, 12 November 2010

Winter Market tomorrow!!

Haven't posted for a while, have been so busy organising the market for tomorrow! I am glad to say we have loads of amazing talented designers displaying their wares so if you are in Brighton tomorrow, please do drop by and see at us St Nicholas Church, on Dyke road, near to Churchill Square. There is a flyer in the previous post....
Gemma has sent me loads of amazing pieces of her quirky art, I really want some already! There is a really cute mermaid and a great card which says "I Love Tea!" with a little smiley happy teacup on it!

Heres some images I took earlier today of my mock table set up! I have made a driftwood board to display my earrings on, and painted another old cork board to display my necklaces on...

Will update you all on the day!!!
Goodbye, untill next time!!!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Roll up, roll up!!!

Hey Guys,
Just to let you know there will be Beach Shack Project goodies on sale at the first Makers Boutique Winter Market, in Brighton on 13th November. Hopefully I should have my new textiles printed by then, I have been working on a few cushion designs!!!! Yes, cushions!!! Bit different from jewellery but I love doodling and messing around in Photoshop so this should combine a few of my favourite things.
Unfortunately I will be running around like a headless chicken as this is the first event me and Katy, are organzing together. We are bit fed up with the lack of good craft events that we just decided to start our own, so this is it!!! There will be handmade ceramics, clothes, jewellery, textiles, bags, knitwear, peg dolls, illustrators, painters, cardmakers, furniture and much more!
Ruth will be running the caf' with homemade cakes and tea's so if you are in the area you should stop by and pick up some beautiful individual handmade christmas presents, so much better than any of the stuff you will find on the high street. Everyone knows someone who loves something handmade so hope to see you all there!

Btw there are still a few stalls left for anyone who may be interested in selling so please get in touch at if you would like to take part...or look us up on facebook

Goodbye, untill next time....

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My first Holga Film developed!!!

Peafowl on the roof.

I was given a Holga camera by Steve for my birthday about 50 million years ago, and then it sat on my shelf for even longer, untill Steve decided to process some of his films and took my film along to be developed too.
Steve has a Holga too and its a bit hit and miss what decides to work. If you are unfamiliar with the Holga camera it is basically a cult plastic camera, popular because of its tempermental behaviour and tendency to give a dreamy 1970's type feel to your photographs. But what I really love about it is when you haven't processed a film staright away and you do find it years later in a drawer or something, and when you process it all these wonderful memories are conjured the digital age you can take as many photos as you want and bore people to death with your photos, but with a old-skool analogue camera you only get a certain amount of pictures and each one you take is usually over-considered and special. Even more so when I found out how much it is to get them deveolped!!! But I am very happy with them...and my first attempt resulted in all my photos coming out!!!

Ottery John, The Stable Boy!!!

My Mum picking berries whilst on a walk - can't even remember where! Multiple Exposure hense the many heads!!!

Dungeoness Beach - Flat Road trip to the barron coast

Charlestown Gallery!!! Home of my Small Friend (Waving!) Sausage is also visible...

And the Long One again, at Rock, for my birthday, probably the birthday I was given this camera!!!

Goodbye, untill next time!!!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Even more new additions....

If anyone who is reading this, is an artist of whatever medium, I am sure at some point you will turn around and think..."I don't want to sell this!"
After making up a few new jazzy pendants for the shop I couldn't part with this delightful chunky pieces of unusual grey sea glass, and I am currently wearing it right now...I am addicted to blues and greys and this colour kind of hits both of my favourite hues on the mark...

Anyway, I hope you can find a pendant that you can't part with in the shop too! Theres a whole rainbow of choice!!!!

I will be doing a competition later this week for a beautiful deep dark forest green piece of sea stay tuned for that...
Click the photos to view the new items!!! Enjoy and Goodbye, untill next time!