Sausage Pudding

Well I've eloped down to Cornwall where Ive been holed up for the last 2 weeks working away and sending off the last of my orders to customers and galleries, Then I had the dreaded lurgy and sausage was a lovely companion while I lay in bed feeling sorry for myself and watching episodes of Veronica Mars!! Feeling much better today and now the worst of the snow has lifted I actually managed an epic beachcomb today, you would not believe how heavy my bag was today!!!
Off to Truro tomorrow to do my Xmas shopping I'm really slack every year and always leave it till the last minute although I got some lovely ceramics from Ulrika Jarl in the post today!! (if your reading this gem that was a present spolier!!!)
Anyway to honour the long one here are my favourite photos of him I have taken since I have been down...

Goodbye untill next time!!!

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