Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ahoy Thar...

Driftwood Boats - Made with Driftwood, Magazine Paper, Neon Thread, Organic Hemp and reclaimed textiles.

Goodbye, untill next time...

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ice ice baby

Benedict Bean has his first walk off the lead yesterday, me, Steve n Liv' took him up the Downs and let him off and he is like a little canon ball. I have since decided that Dachshunds are the laziest small dogs in the world, and Jack Russells are the most hyper!!!! Its like two extremes. I can't wait for them to meet...!!!!
Anyway, apparently its been snowing!!! Living so close to the sea I have literally seen none, bar a bit of slush and snow on top of cars driving around Brighton. I don't know why, I'm not very good with science, but I think its obviously something to do with the big expanse of water and that being harder to freeze than land. Then 5 minutes up the road from me its just Snow Central, I couldn't believe how snowy the Downs were it was like being on an alpine holiday. Luckily most of it had melted but there was still alot of ice about.
Roll on Summer, thats what I say.

Thick Ice!!!

Doesn't Benedict look super cute in his jumper?! Hand knitted by Crochety Craft in Devon.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012


When I was at University there was a fantastic second hand shop, without a name, just outside the town centre. It was a weird place, very big, and sold literally anything that was recovered from house clearances. It first caught my eye one day when I strolled past and saw a collection of old shrivelled toilet rolls in the window that were for sale, and old broken toys, like the scary looking ones that live under the bed in Toy Story...anyway, this paradise was coined as "random shop" and one day there was a boat shaped minibar for sale. It was £50, far out of my budget as a poor student, so I ran home to find someone to invest with me. By the time I returned the next day with a willing friend it had gone. I often think about that bar, and I was delighted to find it on eBay, but unwilling to pay the increasing price created by the furious bidding war on eBay. Sigh. So that ship has sailed again. Ode to a boat shaped mini-bar. The ultimate hostess with the mostess prop. I hope one day another one docks in a secondshop near me. If you ever see one let me know!

Goodbye, untill next time.

ALL Knitware

Wow just found this website completely by accident, I am love love loving this knitware how fantatstic!!! I love a good jumper with a twist....Made by Annie Larson under her label ALL Knitware. See all her fun stuff here...

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Friday, 3 February 2012

My New Dog...

Meet Benedict.
He is so cute.

Bath time!!!

He really likes chewing this rug!!!

Got a Makers Boutique market tomorrow so spent the day getting all the last minute bits done, went and picked up the new flyers today which look cool (candyfloss pink this year!) walked Benedict, priced up my new stock, made some more pendants on chain and drank alot of tea!!!

Ooo that reminds me I found "Talk of Tea" the other day. It had only been open a week but I sniffed it out!!! Interesting concept as I'm bored of all the coffee shops in Brighton, theres always a million different coffees made from special beans and moon rays and now theres a good little cafe doing the same but with tea. The Earl Grey is great, the tea is from Germany (even better they have the best tea!) and the staff are so friendly. I bought Steve the Russian Caravan which he quite liked, if your into your normalitea. On Spring Street, Brighton.

If your in Brighton tomorrow come and say Hi at the Makers Boutique Market, Brighton Unitarian Church (north laines) New Road, BN1 1UF, 11-5pm...

Goodbye, untill next time!!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Cake Diaries

Had a friend visiting today who has just flown back from Thailand, having been living out there for a while. I plied her with with milk, butter, cadburys and Bacon (not all at once!) and sent her on her way to Leeds on the bus. Before she left we had lunch at LuLu's. Mmmm.

Looking forward to tomorrow as were going to get Benedict and bring him home. Bought him a beautiful vintage crocheted blanket today in Beyond Retro. I can't believe I've been living in Brighton for about six years and never found it before, its an Aladdin's cave of magic!!! Couldn't resist a rather fetching striped cardigan for myself too. I will be back. With Others. Yes.
Goodbye, untill next time...


Polish Artist, Nespoon, wanted to bring urban street art to the beach. These crocheted stars left on driftwood are just so awesome, here she is in Goa, India doing her thang....

Goodbye, untill next time...

Preparing for Dog!!!

Benedict (have decided to call him Benedict, have been watching too much Sherlock Holmes!) will be arriving tomorrow earlier than expected woo! Have been online looking at loads of fun stuff to buy for him, especially at this place which I love...RocStarDog. Have ordered him a handmade jumper to keep him warm ahhhhh!!!!! I'm not sure about the connection but its something to do with Serenah Photography, this awesome photographer based in Australia who takes beautiful photos of dogs, I found her on Flickr a while ago and have followed her work since. Theres an amazing photo of Ralph (her sausage dog!!!!) in an afro wig!
Got the Makers Boutique on Saturday too, busy preparing for that, may be at bit much for Benedict this month so I'm going to have a good friend watch him on saturday for me. Pop in if your in Brighton.Goodbye, untill next time!!!!