My New Dog...

Meet Benedict.
He is so cute.

Bath time!!!

He really likes chewing this rug!!!

Got a Makers Boutique market tomorrow so spent the day getting all the last minute bits done, went and picked up the new flyers today which look cool (candyfloss pink this year!) walked Benedict, priced up my new stock, made some more pendants on chain and drank alot of tea!!!

Ooo that reminds me I found "Talk of Tea" the other day. It had only been open a week but I sniffed it out!!! Interesting concept as I'm bored of all the coffee shops in Brighton, theres always a million different coffees made from special beans and moon rays and now theres a good little cafe doing the same but with tea. The Earl Grey is great, the tea is from Germany (even better they have the best tea!) and the staff are so friendly. I bought Steve the Russian Caravan which he quite liked, if your into your normalitea. On Spring Street, Brighton.

If your in Brighton tomorrow come and say Hi at the Makers Boutique Market, Brighton Unitarian Church (north laines) New Road, BN1 1UF, 11-5pm...

Goodbye, untill next time!!!


  1. Benedict is beautiful! :) Love his name too.

  2. Thankyou I am very happy with him! He is named after a slight fixation I have with the BBC Sherlock series at the moment!!! Suits him though!!

  3. It does! (I also love BBC Sherlock :D)


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