Ice ice baby

Benedict Bean has his first walk off the lead yesterday, me, Steve n Liv' took him up the Downs and let him off and he is like a little canon ball. I have since decided that Dachshunds are the laziest small dogs in the world, and Jack Russells are the most hyper!!!! Its like two extremes. I can't wait for them to meet...!!!!
Anyway, apparently its been snowing!!! Living so close to the sea I have literally seen none, bar a bit of slush and snow on top of cars driving around Brighton. I don't know why, I'm not very good with science, but I think its obviously something to do with the big expanse of water and that being harder to freeze than land. Then 5 minutes up the road from me its just Snow Central, I couldn't believe how snowy the Downs were it was like being on an alpine holiday. Luckily most of it had melted but there was still alot of ice about.
Roll on Summer, thats what I say.

Thick Ice!!!

Doesn't Benedict look super cute in his jumper?! Hand knitted by Crochety Craft in Devon.

Goodbye, untill next time!!!


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