Preparing for Dog!!!

Benedict (have decided to call him Benedict, have been watching too much Sherlock Holmes!) will be arriving tomorrow earlier than expected woo! Have been online looking at loads of fun stuff to buy for him, especially at this place which I love...RocStarDog. Have ordered him a handmade jumper to keep him warm ahhhhh!!!!! I'm not sure about the connection but its something to do with Serenah Photography, this awesome photographer based in Australia who takes beautiful photos of dogs, I found her on Flickr a while ago and have followed her work since. Theres an amazing photo of Ralph (her sausage dog!!!!) in an afro wig!
Got the Makers Boutique on Saturday too, busy preparing for that, may be at bit much for Benedict this month so I'm going to have a good friend watch him on saturday for me. Pop in if your in Brighton.Goodbye, untill next time!!!!


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