More reclaimed Nylon photos

Here are some photos of me wearing my new reclaimed nylon necklaces, some of them are massive and you really need to see someone wearing one to get a perspective of their size and how they sit...

Cue Moi...

Celtic Neon Necklace - realllllllly long I love this one it looks fab over a dress!

Tribal Sea Queen - shortest necklace of them all, looks fab over a high necked top/dress as looks like an ornate collar or would also look awesome with a low cut top against bare summer skin!!!

Crackled Glaze Triangle sea pottery - Another long creation but not as long as the first one, and also doesn't feature any nylon its simply knitted hemp and sea pottery, but thought I would show it too as its quite a chunky beast which again would look fab over a short dress...

Ariel Necklace - sits like a large bib necklace - would look great over any higher necked tops / dresses...

My favourite Cave Girl Necklace! Really big bold in yer face necklace, only for brave girls!
It would look fab again over anything high necked, great way to jazz up a simple tshirt or jumper too.

All available in my shop!

Goodbye, untill next time!

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