I went to Hastings today with Steve, Arran and Rich,
Famous for the great battle in 1066,
We mooched on the pebble beach and ate Spanish food,
And finished with ice cream from a cool local dude.

I am a rubbish poet and I will not be giving up the day job!!!

Really massive tile washed up on the beach

Rad Conger Eel statue, I want one!! There was also an octopus and a seahorse.

Who's bike is this?! It's offcially the coolest bike I've ever seen in my life, and Brighton is riddled in bicycles. Beautiful blue paint job, wicker basket, leather seat and handles, what more do you need?! Maybe a bell...?
I am so jealous so I am now on a mission to find a bike to pimp up.
Goodbye, untill next time!!!

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  1. i think that bicycle is a pashley poppy


    there you go :)


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