I spent about an hour rooting through some old musty boxes in Snoopers paradise, Brighton, on Monday and found all these really interesting old photos of mostly 1950's seaside holiday snaps. It was quite annoying as my card was being annoying and wouldn't work, so I said I would come back tomorrow and get them, and they tipped them all back into the box, so I spent an hour on tuesday tediously going through the box again (ARGHHH!) to find all my photos again, and a few new ones too!

Like this one, of some family or friends having a picnic by the sea on the cliffs (or thats what I'm imagining!) with their wicker baskets and fancy tables. Probably drinking ginger beers and dandeline and burdock, and eating ham and tomatoes, you know, really stereotyped Famous Five senarios!

I think some of them look so funky - like this lady here, smoking her fag on the beach and looking a bit like a she-pirate!

And this waterskier....

This is, apparently, Piel Irland, at Barrow, July, 1965, I particulary like this photo as Steve pointed out that it looks like the men in the background are about to topple out of their boat!
And look at this funky guy in his Simon Cowell - esque swimming trunks.....

I always find it a bit intrusive possesing these photos, I think the whole idea of not knowing who these people are is the most facinating element for me, the people are probably old or gone by now, and I have intimate moments of their holidays and pastimes. Will someone will digging photos of me out of a box in 60 - 80 years time?

Goodbye, untill next time


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