Happy St Piran's Day!!!

To all you Kernow Kings and Queens out there, I hope you have a nice pasty or two...makes sense, dunnit???!!! Proper job. I made some pasties on saturday night for Steve's birthday and they turned out fabulously well if I don't say so myself!!!

In other news been catching up on some wholesale orders, gallery stock and getting some new ideas and stock together for the Open House I am taking part in this May in Brighton. I plan to showcase my traditional wire wrapped jewellery, some new reclaimed fishing nylon jewellery, some new art I have been working on, upcycled vintage plates, driftwood boats (see post below) and some plush toys made from old offcuts, like this pasty pictured!!!!...

There will be loads of other designers showcasing their wares all based around a seaside theme!!!!

Goodbye, untill next time...


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