New Blog Mission!!!

Just realised I have not updated my blog for a while now and thought I would kick start my blogging by making a personal mission to post something every day for the next month to get back into the swing of things...
I have been very busy recently having started a new business with Katy Dormer, aka the Bag lady of Brighton, called the Makers Boutique...the only regular arts and crafts fair in Brighton. Have been spending alot of time organizing these events and getting on with the Beach Shack Project work, but due to a venue cancellelation I have taken the opportunity to have a break in Cornwall before the Craft fairs start up again in July...yesterday I went to Hayle to see Katy's new shop she has just opened (we are busy girls!!!) and give her some new stock... If you are in Hayle go check out her fabulous space at Pratts Market and have a pasty at Philips while your there!!!

Sausage in the shop!!!

Katys beautiful cabinet covered in her even more beautiful bags!!!

Rebekah shirleys birds...

After Hayle I jumped on a train back to St Austell and then my best friend Gem came and picked me up and we went for an epic beachcomb, I got so many great pieces!!! That wore us out so we went back to her cute cottage and she made me stirfry for dinner and we drank wine and watched the Lion King, best film ever!!! Remember who you are!!!!

Goodbye, untill next time!!!

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