Spending hours untangling fishing line does have its benefits!

Just been featured on UKhandmade, which is cool, featuring my new reclaimed SEA BEAST necklace!!!! http://www.ukhandmade.blogspot.com
woo to the hoo.

I spent the other day making it and nearly killing myself in the process, the glue is really strong that I use, but MAN does it stink!!! I had to fling open the patio doors, which in turn spooked the pigeon army that is breeding out there at the moment, including one nesting bird which has left two eggs on the floor!
I am happy to announce I am now leaving my horrid, dark, damp, basement flat and the pigeon army to relocate with my sister, and her boyfriend, and my boyfriend, to Brunswick Square, hip hip horay! There is daylight, its bright, the walls are white! Best of all theres a spare room I can work in, with built in shelves, its perfecto. My sister is moving up from Cornwall so its a big change but I'm so excited she's coming!!
Been going a bit crazy with the fishing line recently and have been making these too:

I’m using old fishing line at the mo to make jewellery, its been reclaimed from beaches, where the fishing nylon is washed up, and usually in huge knotted balls! This is a danger to the wildlife that live there and the nylon does not biodegrade. I take these balls home, and laboriously untangle them into useable strands, and then hand wash them all with antibacterial soap, so they are (literally) squeaky clean!!!! I then use these to plait, weave, knot, knit and wrap with! The ends are often not long enough to work with, so sometimes many pieces are knotted together to make a workable length strand!
I also started a flickr account to show my work to the world, there is a cool competition that the V&A are running in the groups page that dorethy hogg is judging, I think, on recycled jewellery. I keep posting loads of images on that!!!


Please see my website for details!!!! Nice recycled fishing line and sterling silver and sea glass necklace up for grabs, just email me and tell me why you should have it!!!
no catches, even p n p is free
closes 29th May

woo to the hoo


Untill Next time!


  1. I check that out! I've awarded you an Honest Scrap award, please check out my blog :)



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