Mmmmm chocolate

Wow I love chocolate, and Rococos chocolates are my current favourite, my mate bought me some ages ago and I didn't scoff it in 5 minutes like I usually do, there seemed something a bit more special about it, maybe it was the fact I knew it was a lot more expensive than a bar of Dairy Milk, maybe it was because it was a lovely Cinnamon flavour and comes in other yummy flavours like Violet, Earl Grey, Jasmin, Orange & Geranium, Lavender and Morello Cherry. Or maybe its because of the amazing packaging...yes I'm a girl and I am heavily drawn to packaging,

I once bought an Urban Decay eye shadow in strange luminous colour simply because there was an attractive Japanese carp on the front, That same eye shadow I would have probably ignored if Collection 2000 made it.
Japan is a country obsessed with packaging, when I visited I was somewhat amused at all the fuss but bought into it all the same once I got into it, when everything is wrapped up nicely it makes the item inside seem ten times more exciting. I bought some incense from a shop and it was lovingly wrapped and stickered and wrapped with a bow.
I grew up in a world where things were not giftwrapped unless you spent your months pocket money in Boots buying perfume for your mum or something, so I remember the same amusement when I pair of cheapy £5 earrings were given the tissue paper treatment and covered in giant "A" stickers by Accessorize.
But when I was buying postcards and eyeliners I had to draw the line, not everything has to be giftwrapped! Infact, Japan are slowly coming round to the fact that they use ALOT of packaging and have now started to cut down on gift wrapping the world. Nice packaging is nice, but just save it for the fun stuff.
My chocolate has now been scoffed and digested a while ago now, but I have kept the pouch that it came in, I don't know what it will be used for, but Dairy Milk wrappers go straight in the bin!
Anyway...I try to drop many hints every year at my boyfriend that I want an egg, I'm hoping for a nice big egg crammed with chocolate, these!!!

Goodbye, untill next time!


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