We were in Finsbury park yesterday for the Rage Against the Machine concert, in celebration of their UK Xmas no:1 single. I only bought the single because I didn't want the X factor winner to have another Xmas success, but my boyfriend is very much into them so off we trekked yesterday to go see them do their thang. I was over joyed to see that Roots Manover and Gogol Bordello (one of my fav bands) were playing too, Gogol is like a crazy gypsy electric punk band fronted by a guy with the coolest handlebar mustache in the world! They played a great set and RATM were pretty amazing too, they played loads of their classic songs. At 10:30 it was all over and 40,000 people spilled off the site to find their way home. The underground was shut because so many people were trying to use it and we had to walk miles and miles to find the next one, thank goodness for Google maps, thats all I can say!

Super Persia!
An amazing little Cornershop we found when we were parched and seeking water! Don't remeber where it was but it was an Oasis for us in a time of great need!!! Thankyou Super Persia!

Goodbye, untill next time!


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