Shop Floor Project

A while ago I blogged about some work that I designed for the Shop Floor Project, a fabulous online boutique specialising in unusual and handmade products by British designers and makers. This work is exclusively only available at the Shop Floor Project, and involves weaving organic hemp by hand and combining tiny crystals with bright zesty emerald sea glass or sea washed blues. Below are some of the pieces available...
Goodbye, until next time!!!


  1. I really like your work! Here's my blog - if I find anything cool from my beach cleanups maybe you could use it?
    thanks for your hard work.

  2. Just had a wonderful unexpected birthday present....A beach shack bracelet!!some old sea washed crock and a silver chain ..I love it!

  3. Hey Guys,

    thanks for your comments...Sara great blog, I am following it now!!! Wish I would see a sealion on the beaches here but alas it is more often than not pigeons and seagulls!!!
    Glad you love your bracelet Gerry!!! Love your work too, just had a look at your website!!!



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