Back in Cornwall again, me and my sister drove down last night...its so bliming cold at the moment, I am currently curled up on the sofa clutching Buster's ears to keep warm whilst he snores on my lap!!! Went out and walked him hugging a hot water bottle earlier which encouraged alot of people to give me very weird looks...I'm not mad, I'm cold!!! There should be a hot water bottle coat, best idea ever!!!
Had an excellent day last saturday at Lewes Artists and Makers Fair, which is run once a year. I have been doing this event for about 5 years, ever since I moved to Brighton and one of my stockists recommended me to the organizers. The fair is to raise money for the schools creative departments, and 15% of all my profits from the day went back to the school. Heres a photo of me setting up earlier in the day, and a photo of one of my young customers!!!

Top sellers were the new beach bling seashell studs, will list these online soon in time for xmas...I met so many amazing people, including the fabulous Kathie Murphy whose resin jewellery I love, and who does the fair every year!!! Also ate copious amounts of cake!!! Yey!!!
Went a bit nuts and bought some ceramics, including a beautiful white vase from Bay Heriz-Smith. Lovely lady and lovely pots!!!
Speaking of pots I Went to the private view at Made11 in Brighton the other night before we drove down, which had some amazing artists on show that I wanted to mention, and amazing cake (the victoria sponge was amazing!) and free wine!!! What more do you need in life?! There were alot of great artists who regularly show at the Makers Boutique, like Gabrielle Vary, Martha Mitchell and Gil Stark,
representing Brightons talent, and lots of people from outside our Sussex region.
I have a bit of an addiction to ceramics, I get really excited finding new work. I am facinated by reusing and reworking and Ami Derbyshire is a prime example of this, collecting old ornaments and vases from charity shops, car boot sales and second hand shops and then slipcasting them and mixing them all up a bit, had a very heated debate with my boyfriend at the stand who wasn't that keen, whereas I was in love with it all!!! He has no taste!!! (or maybe I don't, either way if having no taste means I want a vase with a horse stuck on the top of it, bring it on!!!) Then there was Rebecca Anne Lee who is obsessed with textures (me too!!!) who makes these amazing pieces...these photos don't really do the texture any justice, as when I was at her stand and went in for closer inspection, I realized that the black part is, or looks like, some sort of quartz, rough and sparkly, like it had been carved from the centre of the earth...just amazing...and her lace bowls where she has cast the lace in sterling silver (and still remarkably actually looks like delicate vintage lace) were so ingenious. I just spoke to my Dad on the phone and he asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I think I want some new ceramics please!!!
Nice to be back in Kernow for a few days, went to see my aunts new house which is fantastic (you get so much more for your money in Cornwall than Brighton!!!) and we ate pasties and drank tea...and saw these fabulous bassets who belonged to a busker playing the violin in the town centre, I had to go and touch them!!!

Goodbye, untill next time!!!!


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