Merry Xmas

Well its Xmas and I have neglected my blog this December, as there has been so much going on!!! I have started running the Makers Boutique in Brighton now, so my jewellery took a bit of a back seat this year as I was promoting and organizing our events around Brighton. Here are some photos of what went on this month in no apparent order (as usual!!)
Walking to work....We ran an exhibition at Brighton Fishing Quarter Gallery from 1st December untill the 20th, featuring the work of 14 local artists. The event was a great success and I was shocked at how much we sold, seeing at most of the days were very rainy, windy and COLD!!!

We did two late night shopping events for the Makers Boutique on 8th and 15th December, and pasties kept me sane during this... I had been running round like a headless chicken all day without eating so a pasty was my savour!!! I's Pies in the Lanes defo do the best pasties out of Cornwall!!!

Lucy from Little Things I Make does these amazing foxes which are always very popular at the Makers Boutique Craft Fairs, here is a display I did at Billingshurst Unitarian Church on 3rd December. We raised over £120 for the Church through donating a percentage of sales and doing a raffle, and this went towards repairing the roof. Look forward to doing another one in Summer!!!

A view from Brighton Fishing Quarter Gallery one morning, great location right on Brighton Beach!!!

Found these on Western Road, some scaffolding planks stacked up that I thought looked jolly pretty, don't know if I am loosing it and having a bit of an American Beauty moment (you know, when the plastic bag blows about in the wind and is described as "beautiful!!!)

Andrew...wax working to the max, spent a lazy sunday with him and Steve having a roast in the pub, drinking mulled wine and ruining their candles, the work below is titled "the butchers nose". Maybe shouldn't give up the day job...

Grand Hotel in Brighton, walking past it on my way home from Brighton Fishing Quarter fav xmas decorations I love this tree shape they do every year...

Cake Diaries below....MMmmmmm...!!!!

Here is my favourite Xmas cake below, the Panettone!!! Spent the day before xmas eve running round like an idiot trying to find a free range Panettone without sultanas in (I hate dried fruit!) and Waitrose had sold out so I had to splash the cash and get one from Carluccio's and they only had the chocolate version left (oh what a shame!) so I got that. I hate christmas cake, christmas pudding and mince pies (dried fruit again) so this is my xmas cake!!!! I only ever eat free range eggs so I think its important to buy produce which contains only free range egg in aswell, lots of people will go out and buy free range eggs but then quite happily eat a rubbish cake full of battery hen eggs from Tescos, so even though this set me back nearly £16 it was well worth it, happy xmas chickdee's!!!!

I have been rather transfixed by the below contraption, my business partner Kate bought it for me. My Nan used to have one at Xmas she would get out with angels on, you put a candle in the bottom and the heat turned a wheel which had loads of angels on. I have no idea what they are called, I call it a whirl-a-ma-go-round, and I find the science behind it fascinating. Steve thinks I'm stupid as apparently its quite simple but I think its magic anyway, and the fact that it has Moomins hanging on it instead of angels makes it ten times better!!! Note the fab card from Brighton artist Pinky in the background!!!!

Presents not yet wrapped, the Lizard Kind is trying to escape!!!!

Reallllllllly want this hat by Humdrumhats, who exhibited at one of our late night shopping events, defo on my list of things to get in January.

Steve knows me well, got me this amazing cup and saucer for Xmas. Handmade, ceramic, and tea-related!!! And he got me more Jing!!! Yeehar!!!

On Xmas eve my boyfriend was filming a Service for the BBC in a church in London so I spent the evening in an OB truck waiting for him to clock off at 2am so we could then drive to Suffolk. I have been so busy recently I haven't even had time to read my trashy magazines (Vogue and Grazia FYI) and I had clocked up about 5 unread issues that I went through whilst he was filming, circling lots of things I will never be able to afford, oh big dramatic sigh. I would LOVE the white ceramic and diamond Chanel watch. I have been with Steve for nearly ten years and this is the first Xmas I have spent with him, and also not in Cornwall. Really miss my family and sausage but it was awesome to spend the festive period with him and his family before I whizz off back down to Cornwall tomorrow for a second xmas and New Year. I don't think I have ever eaten so much food or drunk so much Champagne!!! We went for a walk to the pub today and caught these local Morris dancers doing their thing. Hope you had a fabulous christmas and have a wonderful new year!!!!
Goodbye, untill next time!!!!

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