Well Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a fab xmas and new year? I've been a busy bee this January and I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long!

My Aunts birthday walk before Xmas, bit of a family tradition where we walk millions of miles to the pub and then walk back. The path was flooded at one point so the brave (me!) took their shoes off and waded through whilst other people were carried across. Mr Squidgey, a big black labrador, had jumped in the river in the photo above and we were trying to pull him out!

My Xmas present from Kate, a narwhale necklace by Designosaur! She knows me well!

New Years eve- comedy small door in an old cottage!

My new tights from Gal Stern - LUSH! Went to put them on for NYE and they were far too small, my legs were too long :-( I emailed Gal and she kindly offered to send me a replacement (longer) pair which I'm itching to get my hands on! Hurry up Royal Mail!

Tea shelf has been reorganised with new Xmas teas!

My nan got me & steve these awesome wooden and glass storage jars for Xmas.

Fancy Earl Grey from Steves Aunt! Woo!

23p bargain reduced croissants in Tesco!

Fondant Fancies at my sisters pasty party! That girl can knock out pasties en masse that are delicious! Her record is about 18 pasties, I would have given up at 6! Crimping machine!


Saw this at one of my favourite cafes in Brighton, made me laugh!

Poster for MB I designed for markets this year, Bean is now immortalised in our promo!!

Goodbye, untill next time!

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