End of June...

 Me and Bean have been manning the fort at Brighton Fishing Quarter still, I am exhibiting my work there at the moment and its going really really well! Bean has been very hot on some of the warmer days and has worked out its far nicer to sit in the shade, so he's been burrowing with his ball under tables making a nest with bubble wrap!

My Studio was a complete mess, I have been making so much stuff and generally exploding that I couldn't even walk on the floor anymore, and although I find it conducive to work with lots of stuff around me, this was a bit extreme. Steve refuses to go in there for fear of stepping on a needle or sea glass or a project laid out on the floor! 
 Ta - Da! So its all been tidied now and look, you can see the floor! I moved loads of the furniture out aswell so I have more room to work, as although I have a desk I actually prefer sitting on the floor to work! Theres this wonderful vibe in Brighton with furniture, instead of taking stuff to the tip which is a difficult process in itself when you don't have a car, you can simply deposit useable pieces by the black bins and within hours someone has walked by, thought "I'll have that" and taken it home! We got alot of our first furniture when we moved here that way, and we've found some amazing pieces! I remember carrying a wardrobe with Steve across the seafront that we found once by a bin. It was wooden with a fabric cover and was like sailing a boat home as it was very windy! We just washed the cover, wiped down the wood with disinfectant and hey presto free wardrobe! I call it urban wombling. When it was time to upgrade we returned it to the people and it was gone in minutes!
 We had a table and chairs to give away as we recently got a super cool wooden table from Steve's parents, but there has been a bin strike in Brighton so nows not a good time to go to the bins! This went on for ages and it was really hot and windy which are two climates not needed when there is rotting debris in the city. Although it was irritating, I completely understand why the Bin men went on strike. They wanted to cut people on the lowest pay grades by £4000 and expected them to work the same hours, even though for many of them they would loose their home if 25% of their pay was just cut, whilst the guys at the top on £50,000+ were getting a 1% pay increase! Shocking.

 We have three seagul babies living on the roof at the moment, peep peep peeping away all the time. I feed them bread but more disconcertingly there are bones up there! Don't know if they have been eating eachother or pigeons etc, but it makes them seem slightly less cute when I imagine a cute fluffy baby chowing down on a mangled pigeon wing.

Sea mist in the park. This was a really eerie day, you can't see it very well in the photo but theres a raven sat on the post squawking away. 

 More weddings. Everyone seems to be getting married at the moment. I've been to loads of different ones this year, but I'm still no further along in planning my own!

Trio of puddings! Why have one when you can have THREE?!
 We stayed in this funny hotel for the wedding, which had a distinct hunting theme! There were pictures of hunting and dead fish everywhere! I thought this room name was funny, as it seems a bit weird to name a room after a vegetarian food! But apparently its a type of hunt.
 80's shorts!!!

 Finished my ceramics class now, big fat Boo! I still have some fired pieces to pick up like the cutlery I made above. I'm not going to eat with them I thought they would be fun to put up on the wall in the kitchen. Steve didn't look impressed by the idea! He was impressed by my harbour scene below though, its really small about 5 inches long, and he put this on the mantlepiece in the living room. Can't win them all! 
Goodbye, untill next time! 


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