Go Pro Camera!!!

Well who would have thought we would ever have such amazing weather?! Its so so so so SO hot! Who needs to leave the country for a holiday when its as glorious as this?! I've been taking advantage of the weather and have even gone in the sea which I rarely do in Brighton. Having grown up in Cornwall with glorious sandy beaches I can be a bit of a diva with Brighton Beach,  its massive, theres no shade and its always rammed full of people. Oh, and its also the most uncomfortable beach in the world as its littered with massive pebbles and broken shells! I am very much a floor person, sitting on the floor even when theres a chair, so I resent bringing everything but the kitchen sink to the beach (wind breaks, deck chairs, umbrellas, blah blah blah) when I'm using to just a bikini, towel, water and suncream! Give it about 2,000 years and Brighton Beach will be glorious sand anyway, untill then, ouch ouch OUCH! Anyways, Steve has bought a Go Pro Camera, I'm not fussed by most of the weird gadgets he buys but this one is pretty cool, especially the underwater feature! It also does time-lapse and HD footage, we've got some pretty cool videos of the Bean tearing around and even tied it round his neck to film Bean-cam, which you can sync up to your phone and use as a viewfinder! Amaze-balls! 
Heres some of me underwater! Notice the unflattering holding-of-the-nose! I hate getting water up my nose!!!

I love all the bubbles you get in the photos! 

Shot of Steve (above water) from Underwater

Even Bean got involved with the water, even though he is terrified of the waves, bless!

Bean rolling round on the beach! 
Me chasing Bean round Hove lawns afterwards, hes so fast I will never catch him! Not like Sausage who I could easily outrun!!!! 

Hope you have been enjoying the sunshine too and remember to put your sunscreen on I've seen a lot of lobsters around!!!! 

Goodbye, until next time! 


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