Brighton Fishing Quarter Exhibition 2015

Handmade Vases by Helen Rebecca Ceramics

Hello all! I'm organising an exhibition at Brighton Fishing Quarter Gallery which starts next Saturday.

I will be showcasing my jewellery, aswell as my handmade driftwood boats and upcycled vintage plates alongside 12 other fabulous talented artists.

There will be an eclectic range of wares on display from stained glass to original art, prints, ceramics, jewellery, soaps, cards, homewares and general gifts. They are all affordable and made by local artists from around the East Sussex area. Some of them I know well and have worked with their amazing work before, but there are also lots of new exciting artists whose work I'm sure you will love as much as I do!

Beach Shack Project wares...

It runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from April 11th untill May 31st 2015, and you can find us slapbang on the beach in the Fisherman's Quarter which is to the right of the main Palace Pier, just near the carousel, on Kings Road Arches. 
Here is a round up of all the lovely people showcasing...

Liz Toole

Liz Toole is a talented local artist who uses a combination of various techniques to create her beautiful work including screen printing, lino cutting and painting original pieces. In her recent work, she has been creating imaginary scenes filled with the patterns of nature inspired by both the Sussex countryside and the diversity of life she found whilst travelling in Africa. Liz is interested in looking at details of trees and plants, Indian textiles and bird encyclopaedias, and merging these sources to create, wall-paper like patterns that celebrate the English decorative tradition.

Jo Collins

Jo runs "OntheTide" selling her pretty handmade homewares made using Flotsam and Jetsam she finds whilst beachcombing around  Eastbourne. Jo picks up driftwood, shells, pebbles and plastic materials and cleverly uses these to create tiny evocative sculptures of coastal scenes , like a row of rugged cottages or a lifeboat guarding its harbour. Her pieces are ornamental but she has recently started making unique wall mounted scenes too. Each piece truly is a one of and she also does custom orders if you had a particular project you want her to create. 

Victoria Dewing
Victoria creates stunning dreamy images of the landscape around her. Since moving to Hove in 2014 Victoria has become increasingly intrigued by the landscape and the sea. She has always enjoyed working with mixed media and therefore her heavily textured recent semi-abstract works have been created using mod roc, hessian, texture paste and paint. An almost isolated yet restful atmosphere has been important as Victoria finds living by the sea creates a sense of peace and tranquillity in one’s life. Her soft, pastel tones and clever textures reflect and evoke a calming mood.

 Naomi Frances
Naomi creates unusual and affordable stained glass homewares and art using her distinct style. Also inspired by the coast her pieces can often be found to not just source inspiration, like a fish or boat shape, but to actually encase things she finds whilst beachcombing into the glass. Shells, pebbles, shards of pottery or beer can lids all can make their way into Naomi's work, creating a pleasing juxtaposition of materials. Her work always looks most spectacular infront of a sunny window so the light can beam through and showcase the subtle textures and colours of the glass. 


Mica Peet 
Mica is an illustrator and all round creator of lovely things including illustrations, jewellery, phone cases and pocket mirrors. Her design philosophy consists of juxtaposing her love of the beautiful natural world with an edgier, modern and idiosyncratic design aesthetic. Find subtle candy colours paired with darker hues of bold colour which have become her signature style, and pieces depicting very english creatures like foxes, birds, stags, squirrels and rabbits, as well as her geometric inspired range. 

 Lola Hoad
Lola runs "LHoad Design", an independent, one-woman run business based in Brighton. Lola creates inspiring handlettered paper goods with contemporary expressions and quotes, intended to motivate and brighten up the owner's day. Her stylised approach has a bold hand spun typography which makes her work recognisable and instantly chic for the home. Find prints, cards and stationary all guaranteed to make you smile :-)

 Helen Lucas
Helen runs "Helen Rebecca Ceramics", a delightful range of handmade ceramic homewares with a quirky twist!  Helen can't remember a time when she didn't make things with her hands. Inspiration comes from the material landscape, materials represent ingenuity. She enjoys casting well known or familiar objects, textures or surfaces which are then reused for their own unique qualities creating familiar, yet surprising objects. Find teeny tiny pretty vases cast from original charity shop finds and unusual mugs cast from takeaway cups!


 Anna Vartiainen
Anna runs "Anna's Drawing Room" a beautiful brand which showcases Anna's love and talent of illustration and pattern. Anna is very much inspired by the natural world around her and creates pretty prints, cards, and original pieces of her work. She has started printing her work onto home wares like tea towels, and gorgeous stationary like her recycled paper notebooks. Birds feature heavily in Anna's work but you will also find many other creatures, my favourite being the lobster! 

Gill Copeland
Gill's professional career in photography has spanned over 25 years. She knew from the age of fourteen that she wanted to be a photographer. Her work captures serene and tranquil moments, and many of her subject matters are coastal destinations close to home, although she frequently travels the globe photographing too looking for the perfect moment . Gill has won numerous national awards for her photographic work and has worked with many big brands.  “I love working with light… its colours and intensities can shape an image into something quite unique.”

 Dinah Dufton
Dinah is an artist of many talents and frequently applies herself to many mediums including jewellery and artwork which she will be showcasing at Brighton Fishing Quarter Gallery. Dinah's artwork is playful and often involves a repetitive theme of a subject matter, like her stunning pebble prints with subtle glittery colours and shimmering inks. Her jewellery style spans many different styles too and ranges from organic shaped "ugly" pearls to unusual feather light plastic jewellery cleverly made using recycled drinks bottles. By exploring so many different avenues Dinah's work is ever expanding but comfortably all fitting Dinah's code. She will also be selling her new range of handmade soaps that smell devine! 

 Lisa Lubilou 
Lisa is a ceramist living in Seaford who creates a range of eccentric decorative items and homewares under her brand "Lubilou". Each of her animal ornaments has been lovingly handmade one by one, and feature beautiful under-saturated hues paired with bold colours and plush deep decorative textures in the clay. Each little animal she creates comes with its own cute little story presented on a card to take away with your purchase. Her unique design style transcends easily into other areas too, like her homeware range, featuring stunning tiles, coasters, brooches, hanging charms and plates. 

Stoats and Weasels
Lisa Bamford runs Stoats & Weasels, a Brighton based graphic design company with an enduring love for all things silly. 
In Lisa’s spare time she likes to keep her inner child very much alive by creating quirky designs for badges, magnets, greetings cards, books and prints. Find lots of cute nostalgic images in bright poppy techni colours. 

Goodbye, untill next time!


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