Wednesday, 4 July 2012

New Brooch collection

New collection of brooches in the shop...
Especially love the colours of the milk glass in the brooch below. Milk glass, or opal glass, is first dated back to Venice in the 16th Century, and were popular with the Victorians too. The opaque colour comes from using fluorite in the glass process, which subsequently also makes many pieces glow under UV light, Custard glass (yellow) and Jadite (a pale green, as featured below) were all common colours, alongside a milky white, so its quite exciting to find a periwinkle blue coloured piece and turquoise.


Willow birds from the typical scene on a willow plate...

Unusual piece of green criss cross sea pottery... love the texture in this one above....

 Goodbye, untill next time!

 Don't forget about my competition... ends 7th July 2012

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