New Business Cards here!!!!

Very excited about my new business cards!

You may have heard me rant excessively before about printing and how much I loath doing it myself, everything always goes wrong, and when Benedict Bean chewed through my printer cable it was a metaphoric nail in the coffin for home printing. Even when I used to work in an office, long before Beach Shack Project, the printer would perflex and annoy me, the biggers ones are worse than the home ones!
So I highly recommend 4Print&Design in Brighton, they are helpful, cheap and always work miracles to get your printing job back to you asap!

I'm really happy with my cards, I designed them myself in Photoshop, looks like my degree in Animation does filter down and find a purpose in my career today! Everything happens for a reason!

Hope you like!

Goodbye, untill next time!

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  1. My wonderful prize has arrived and I'm wearing it even as I type this BIG thankyou to the Beach Shack!!!!


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