Luxulyan and Weddings....

Had a break in Kernow recently where I went down for a few days relaxing before the next Makers Boutique Exhibition. It starts next week, and runs for 10 weeks this time!
Anyway, I went to a wonderful Wedding in Cornwall, my best friends mum got married! It was such a hot beautiful day too.  We ate roast dinner and pasties (not at the same time!) which is probably the best combination ever of what to eat at a wedding!!! I wore a massive white bird on my head, because if you can't wear a massive white bird on your head to a wedding, when can you wear it?! (Thanks Arran and Rich!) It was a fabulous day!
My friend designed all these bags which she put down for each guest, she had to find and draw on 80 pieces of slate to make the keepsakes, and they were all personalised, I got a Seal, right on sister!!
Went to Luxulyan Valley which is scarily close to where I grew up, and have never properly explored. Had an amazing time pottering around for hours in the woods exploring the ruins of an old site that was once a big part of the Industrial Revolution, and at one point was mining two thirds of the worlds copper. Its a huge site and I love exploring places like this as it must have been such an important hub at one time, and now it just stands eerily empty. Its part of the World Heritage sites but sadly is probably not the first port of call for a tourist in Cornwall, but a must all the same! If you like walking...!!!

 Some sort of old oven or furnace? 

 Steve on a rope swing, we love rope swings! 

 Old water wheel stood here, the copper had tainted the bricks bright orange...
And a blue tree. Pretty. 
AND I have some new items to upload into the shop which I will do later today. 

Goodbye, untill next time! 


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