New work...

 Been working on some new work recently which I mentioned in my last post. I've been feeing very inspired by the near tropical weather we seem to be having at the moment and have been creating some more bigger statement summer necklaces, some of which feature beautiful pieces of coral. Steve said I shouldn't be using coral as apparently this is really unethical, which I had no idea about the extent of coral farming untill I googled it. Humans have this irritating habit of mass farming / depleting all supplies of stuff, if there had been all the options around for better quality reared meat when I went vegetarian nearly 16 years ago I probably wouldn't have felt the need to stop eating it, but there wasn't. Steve eats meat and I am fine with this but I have always said he shouldn't eat bad meat, and try and eat organic and free range options (but I do put my foot down about foie gras which basically results from torturing a duck, much to his dismay. When he wants to order it I shoot him "the look!").
Anyway, in this respect when I source my shells for my jewellery I have collected them all myself and checked there is no one living in them before I use them for my work. All the coral I have collected has again been found, by me, on the beaches, and thats why they have beautiful rounded edges because they have been tumbled and washed up on the beach. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them!
 Driftwood, coral, textile and vintage AB opaque milky white beads necklace.
 Coral and plaited gold thread necklaces, and chunky sea glass bean necklace.
 Chunky sea glass bean necklace, asymmetric aqua sea glass and sterling silver necklace, 4 stone sea glass necklace.

 Far far away lands...this sea pottery features a little village nestled on the coast, really unusual piece teamed with vintage repurposed crystal costume jewellery components.

Shell, sea pottery and plaited metallic thread necklace 

Goodbye, untill next time! 


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