An alternative view of Berlin PART 1

Here are a few of the many photos I took in Berlin!

No Sausages allowed...Dachshunds are notorious in Germany, they're name means badger dog, unfortunately I only clocked five whilst I was there, most most of them had very dapper scarves on!

Berlin is obsessed with bears, they are everywhere, literally, here are my favourite ones outside a shop in East Berlin.

Found a random flea market, lots of sausage dog toys for sale!

Cool lighting...
Mmmm breakfast in Berlin, I had a Nutella rip off called Nusskat, and funny soya milk called "Gut Bio" I love German words they crack me up, entrance in German is "einefarht". I also found an amazing teashop called TeaGschwender, with some AMAZING blends of tea in, Germans seem to love Rooibosh, or redbush tea, and they had about 30 different types of it. They also had loads of unusual Earl Grey variations and I got Earl grey Lady Violet and Earl Grey Noblesse. Highly recommend both of them. Mmmm, Steve bought a new Bodum teapot today as we seem to be going a bit tea crazy in the flat at the moment, it is perfect for loose tea as it has a special filter in the middle.

Gallery Tacheles
Oranienburger Stra├če was one of my favourite areas of Berlin, where gallery Tacheles was formerly a department store that was bombed in the war, and then then abandoned and taken over by a commune of artists. The building smells of wee and is covered in graffiti, see photos below, but its an amazing place to visit, with artists occupying all the many rooms over many floors. One of the most interesting places I have ever visited, there is a good article about it here too. If you want to find this place, don't bother asking the locals, even the police sent us in the wrong direction, for some reason they don't like this commune!!!

Every inch is covered in graffiti...

A chair made out of recycled cool!

One of the sculptures downstairs in the outside space.


Oona gallery was nearby, a contemporary jewellery gallery, but was shut unfortunately, it was a lot smaller than I imagined it would be so I had a good nose in the window instead and saw some amazing work.

You see this building everywhere in Berlin, Berliner Fernsehturm, at Alexanderplatz.
I bought "Breath of Berlin" a limited edition fragrance only available at KaDaWe, the second biggest department store in the world. The bottle is based on this building. The smell is lovely, really fruity and sweet, mmmm.


Street graffiti - knitted not sprayed!!!!

My sister being attacked by huskies! So cute! They were just hanging out near the Sony Centre.

Will Post Part 2 tomorrow!

Goodbye, untill next time!

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