Back in Brighthelm

Got back into Brighton this afternoon after enduring the mandatory monotonous journey on the train, I really wish we had bullet trains in this country!
One may think that by observing my blog that I have just been down to Cornwall on a jaunt, exploring places and not getting on with any work, but you would be mistaken! I have been very busy.
Firstly I did some beachcombing and have brought a lovely massive bag of sea glass back with me, although I find it annoying that I cannot visit many of my favourite beaches this time of year because of the dog ban Easter to October on many beaches in Cornwall, but what ho, still found some stellar pieces...

Have been making some new pieces of jewellery for gallery stock and for the Beach Shack Project shop online, which I will try and upload before I go to Berlin on Thursday, including a really nice asymmetric necklace (see below) and some pieces for a magazine giveaway.

Also, I found another write up about the Beach Shack Project, this time mentioned in the Editors notes about nautical jewellery trends on Adorn London, a really interesting website about contemporary jewellery, I recommend a visit if you love creative bling!

Finally I must say I was so excited when I came home as Steve had bought me a welcome home present, its the new extra posh Twinnings Earl Grey Tea, Its so good! Its so good that they don't even call them teabags, they are referred to as "tea pillows", genius! If you like your Earls very aromatic and strong then you will love this!
Oh how I love a good cup of tea!

Goodbye, untill next time!


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