Open House Regeneration - Brunswick Square

The Open House season is upon us again, alas I am not part of anything this May but that doesn't stop me wanting to nose at other peoples homes, and of course admiring their art and crafts! Strangely, as I left my flat to visit an open house in the square, I noticed another sign two doors down advertising an open house regeneration project. Basically some guy has bought an entire house on the grade 1 listed Brunswick square (must have cost squillions!) and it was in need of some decorating. Because it was never modernised it has many original features and the house was never spilt up into flats. He is in the process of renovating it so it will resemble the original Regency style. We only saw the bottom two rooms as it will take a few years to restore it, but there were amazing original columns, a stone fireplace and intricate plastering around the top of the high ceilings. There is an artists exhibition taking place in the bottom two rooms, the artists on show are all taking part in the Open Houses and had been selected to participate under the theme of "regeneration".
I really loved the Lamps by Charlotte Squire.

Goodbye, untill next time!

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