Alorra lorra birthdays

Been busy weekend filled with much eating, drinking and merriment!! firstly being my lovely sisters birthday, who was 25. I bought her a really cool dachshund bag and a necklace from Shark Alley (check out Sarahs paper mâché jewellery it rocks!!!) and of course she got a custom made Beach Shack Project necklace. I also made her a beautiful Eton Mess as her birthday cake, it had edible glitter and everything!!! Shame I had to buy Tescos own brand DEVON clotted cream tho instead of authentic Roddas!!!

And today it is Steves Birthday and he is 30!!! Off to the Lake District but currently sat in traffic trying to get out of Brighton!!! Welly boots and earl grey packed!! There are lots of exclamation points today prob because I don't usually blog this early and everything seems more dramatic!!!!
Finally I have been working on some new jewellery tags, all will be revealed soon but here's a sneak preview...!!!!!!
Goodbye, untill next time!!

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