Kernow time

Brief visit to Kernow for my mates birthday, had a lovely Thai meal last night and a bit too much vino!!! Also slotted in some beachcombing yesterday and I found some amazing driftwood which I think will be cool to display stuff on when I do craft fairs. My beautiful friends have been collecting lots of treasure for me too so I have a good haul to take back to Brighton today, so thanks Jen n Gem!!! Here's some pics of my weekend!!!

Passsssssssssssty!!!! Niles are the best vegi ones I reckon!!!

Goodbye till next time!!!!

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  1. Great pictures, I love the dog on the beach (near the top)!

  2. Thanks alot :-) That dog is very photogenic! He loves posing!!!

  3. He looks sexy in your necklace bo!

  4. I enjoyed your photos so much that I've given you an award of sorts! :) Please visit my blog for the details, have a happy Sunday! :)


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