Horrible Cold, Lovely tights....

Its Feb and its still cold on an epic level, at least it is here in the UK!!!
I hate Winter, its not my favourite time of year, and summer far outweighs any positives of winter,but one of the few things I do love about winter is tights!!!!
I have rarely actually worn trousers most of my life, being very tall growing up in Cornwall there were a.) not alot of places that stocked trousers my length, b.) I find trousers suspicious and unpleasing on me. Hense skirts have always been a firm friend.
I was distressed recently to read articles in both Vogue and Grazia dissing the humble tights, in October 2010 Vogue ran a whole article called "Bare Necessity" saying that tights are unfashionable, undo-able with this seasons trends...even going as far as to say that they can weaken an outfit and that we should do as New Yorkers do and "bare all".
Now I love Vogue alot, but this is nonsensicle. If you work at Vogue you should know that there is not just a choice between black and tan tights, but a whole aray of beautiful colours, textures, patterns and materials to choose from, and rather than seeing them as an afterthought to an outfit they can actually quite levitate a boring outfit into an interesting one. Take Gal Stern, who I discovered recently, who hand prints all her tights in her Studio in Israel, whose tights are like mini pieces of art, or the coveted Bebaroque or Quirky French company Les Queues de Sardines.
My favourite place to buy tights is Noa Noa and they do a vast array of fun woolen and denier tights every season. At £16 - £20 a pop for a pair of tights its not cheap but I like to argue that these are my trousers and therego my barrier from the cold, and more importantly when you spend a bit extra on quality tights then the second you snag them a huge ladder won't appear!!!
Marks and Spencers seem to have cottened onto this trend at last and last week I actually noticed a huge dispaly of tights in their Brighton store last week, with most of the fun ones already sold out. At £8 each these are a bit more purse friendly. People in NY may like to get their legs out in winter but the whole leg regime seems a bit intense in summer and to take it a stage further and do this in winter too, when I can just pop on a pair of tights seems like madness. Lovely Bronzed toned legs do look lovely, but the reality in freezing temperatures is a goosepimpled frostbite ridden nightmare. Blue legs look weird, but blue tights look cool!

Cue Montage...

One of my favourite pairs, ice blue Noa Noa high denier tights, I have snagged these badboys on many occasions and still they keep going!!! Wore these to death in Berlin...Heres me again below with Livvy in them...

My New Galstern tights, one leg is fishscales the other one is just plain black!!! Mental!!! I love love love these tights!!!
Can't remember where these came from but I love the pattern, and they are warm and wooly, I actually got given the same pair by Steves mum in Brown and Orange, another rad colour combo! She knows me well!!! Have a bit of an addiction to tall socks too, these ones from American Apparell are super long and very very warm, great to wear over thin tights.

Old faithful Noa Noa pair here, I have these in lots of colour combinations....
Goodbye, untill next time!!!


  1. I've never seen such a gorgeous selections of tights! :)

  2. What a fabulous collection of tights! I wear black tights all the time, I'm thinking I need some more colourful ones now :-)

  3. Thanks guys I just thought it was time to embrace all the lovely tights!!! If you find any cool ones let me know!!! x

  4. You have wonderful tights! Most gorgeous are your blue Noa Noa tights. Did you really throw them away in Berlin?


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