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 So firstly I have adding all my new items into the shop at last! Click on each piece to be taken to the shop!

 My mums been visiting and so I had a really nice week with her. We went to visit some Artists Open Houses in Brighton where I saw so much lovely work. Me and the Bean had our picture taken by Ted at Palmeria Square... The Poncho is by a lovely lady called Anna Brixner who upcycles old fabrics and is exhibiting with us at the Makers Boutique Exhibition. Steve wryly remarked I looked like I was wearing an old blanket. I took great pleasure in telling him it was actually made from an old blanket haha!
These are my new business cards. You can't see them very well in this photo as they need to be seen in the flesh to be believed! I wanted a hot foiled buisness card, the embossed logo / text which is then set with gold foil. I don't know why I just really wanted something shiny on my cards! Apparently hot foiling is an expensive process as a mould is made and then each card is pressed by hand.  Which is great but far out of my budget for business cards! Then I found Vista Print (who I actively dislike) who were selling them for alot cheaper because they have a special printer (as you do) that can produce a similar effect. After having various issues with Vista Print in the past I was dubious untill I found this hilarious clip online, I love the fact his friend yells at him mid way through for being very very uncool (but it IS helpful! 
Anyway, I love them they have a shiny silver wave on them that shimmers and looks just like silver hot foil! Yeah! 
We've had lots of sunny days down at the exhibition and I've got to enjoy lots of sunshine! Theres always something going on being on the seafront. I am a big skeptic of magic but I was baffled when a young magician changed a pack of cards into a perspex square recently IN MY HAND recently! Still annoying me how he did it. 
My mum came down and sat with me whilst I was working down there last week, we were very decadent and had Real Patisserie Lunches every day! With Pudding! Yum...
 Bean was asked to be in a Photoshoot for Korean Grazia / Lacoste with Korean Actress Kim A Joong. He was so good and patient and kept still the whole time, and won a new legion of fans from Korea! 
Here is the finished photo! I love the fact my mum and my dog are in it! 

Recently started a ceramics course at the local college and I am loving it! Its something I have always wanted to do, for so long, that part of me was worried that it wouldn't be as fun when I actually did it, but I must say I find working with clay very very satisfying! I love creating texture I quickly found out and spent most of my time jabbing holes and digging out bits and adding bits and scratching the surface to create a seabed type effect. This is a tile I made below...they have yet to be fired. 

And this is a shallow bowl I made in the same style...

 And heres a sealion vase I made! Again he's not been fired yet. The teacher is really relaxed and just lets you make whatever you want after a demonstration so its also really interesting to see how everyone else translates with clay.
 Oh and one of the best parts about the course is switching at Brighton Station and grabbing a bag of (vegetarian of course!) Percy Pigs at M&S! I think I'm addicted to these things. I have a problem...!
 And I've eaten alot of other lovely things!!! CAKE DIARIES!!!

 Violet macaron 

 Raspberry and chocolate posh doo dar thing
 Coconut Ice cream and chocolate tart
 Lemon meringue pie!
 Strawberry Cheesecake
 Maple syrup creme brulee and orange shortbread
 White chocolate and raspberry brownie

Homemade chocolate brownies by Lisa Gyalogs super talented hubby! 

Goodbye, untill next time! 


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