Back to Brighton

I'm sat on the train back to Brighton after a fabulous 10 or so days down here, I hate leaving Cornwall I miss it so much. Went to see my beautiful small friend yesterday at her gallery in Charlestown. Shes so talented, I love seeing her new work! Usually Im down there most days when I'm in Cornwall, yabbering away out the back of the gallery with her, drinking tea, and gossiping! I was in Hayle alot last week so I didn't do as much tea drinking with her as I would have liked! Gemeda I miss you!!!!
Heres some of her creations...Ive asked her to design my wedding invitations so I'm excited to see what she comes up with!

Magnets (above) Embroidery (below)

It was a stunning autumn day yesterday; the leaves are red and orange, the sun was out, and the distant smell of wood fires was prominent from the little cottages.
I took Bean along the Cliffs to Pentewan where he tore around the beach again, digging up pebbles, then we went rock climbing at the end of the beach, all dogs LOVE rock climbing, even Sausage did!

It was sad for me as its the first time I've done that walk without Sausage, infact me, Sausage and Bean did this walk early spring when all the Wildflowers were out. Here he is below (the long black blur trotting down the path!) miss you so much Sausage :-(

Goodbye, untill next time!

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