More Plates...

Ring Commission for a lovely lady that was doing a shoot on the beach and wanted something to fit, this ring is such a beast aswell, its massive, and I love the crackled glaze and colour! This was a brooch originally but she wanted it turned into a ring.

White chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake - awesome!!!

Seen a few rays of sun at the gallery. Bean, in typical english style, makes the most of it and lies outside soaking up the sun!!! Exhibition has gone really well, even thought the rain has been unfaltering on occasion. Last day is Monday so pop by if your in Brighton this weekend!

Turned 30 this weekend (boo) and invited all my friends to a tea party at Metro Deco in Kemptown (yay) and lots and lots and lots of cake was consumed over the weekend!!!

Birthday Breakfast!!!

This is a card drawn by my fab small friend and talented artist Gemma Austen. This is me and her on the card, I love it so much, will be framing this one!!!

Funniest present ever, may beat the Wolf Fleece I was given last year! My friends brought this back from Thailand for me.

Goodbye, untill next time...

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  1. Love the plates, and belated Happy Birthday! I really want to eat some cake now...

  2. Thanks Chloe! Although I am at the opposite end of the spectrum, I have consumed so much I need to detox!!!


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