The exhibition at Brighton Fishing Quarter went really well. Its all finished now but planning another for Xmas time. I love working down there as it can get a bit lonely sometimes working from home and in the gallery theres always people to chat to (unless it raining, then its just windy, wet and cold!)
Anyway the two most exciting things to happen since my last post is candyfloss PINK HAIR. Haven't dyed my hair a weird colour since university so I'm thinking this is a post-30 backlash!!!!

Also I've been saving for a bit so I can do what I have wanted to do for a while - launch a range of Beach Shack Jewellery in Sterling Silver. People always ask for sterling silver at events and the reason I simply don't usually use it is because it keeps the price points lower because it is very very expensive using precious metals. I will always work to commission with it but the new range will be ready to buy. I will still have my silver plated pieces but the sterling silver range will also incorporate some super rare bits I have been saving up. So hoping to test all these at the next Makers Boutique market and get it into a few of my current stockists and online before Xmas.
Goodbye, untill next time! 


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