Craft Fairs coming up...

Had one of those weird days where nothing you planned gets done and you end up doing something completely random instead. For example today I ended up playing Trivial Pursuit in a care home with 10 elderly residents, drinking tea and eating cake! As you do. They all loved the Bean and gave him so much fuss! There was a lovely man called Michael who took a particular interest in Bean and fed him far too much cake, and a super-cute woman called Mo, who kept threatening to steal him! Promised I will bring Bean back soon to visit!
Furiously trying to catch up on my to-do list now... Got another weekend down at the Brighton Fishing Quarter Gallery this weekend, Friday - Sunday, so have been making more stock to top up my existing display. Also tomorrow night after work I'm going to this...
Its a very high end annual craft fair that curates a select chosen few artists from up and down the UK. Last year there were quite a few artists that exhibit with us at Makers Boutique, this year I only recognize one, the talented Gabrielle Vary. So I didn't score any preview tickets which basically entitles you to a free glass of wine and free entry tonight! Gutted! But the lovely Sarah Elwick (who knows my cousin and his wife, small world) has sent me some 2-4-1 tickets so I can't wait to meet her in person and check out her knitted fabulous-ness! I love going to see the ceramics and knitware, so hopefully there should be some interesting stuff.
Also next week I'll be doing this...
I've done it every year in Lewes after Matt Birch, who owns my stockist in Lewes, kindly put my name forward and they haven't been able to get rid of me since! I'm sure someone spikes the mulled wine every year theres usually some pretty drunk artists by the end of the day swearing they only had one glass! Its a great idea because it raises money for the schools Art department every year so 15% of all my sales go straight back to the school. I always have so much fun and its a strange experience doing a craft fair now and NOT having to set the venue down afterwards, like at the Makers Boutique, so I can just pack up and go home. We actually have the Makers Boutique running on that day in Brighton but Kate will be up to man that, and the Brighton Fishing Quarter will be open on the seafront too, so handmade loveliness everywhere next saturday! No excuse for buying mass produced boring high street commodities. Bleurgh.

Anyway, time to crack on with some secret plans that will hopefully be revealed / finished next week...tara

Goodbye, untill next time!


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