Squirrel Nutkin

Bean hates squirrels, he wants to kill and destroy each one, it seems to be his one mission when I take him to St Annes Well Gardens. I think theyre quite cute, managed to get quite close to this one...

 Untill Bean came tearing down the path and proceeded to try and run up the tree, Matrix style! He'll never catch one...

Been very busy this week getting a stall ready for Lewes craft fair, arghhhhhhhh!!!! Christmas is so busy for me, I always have far too much to do and not enough time to do it! I think I'm nearly there just need to pick up some fairy lights for my stall to make it look twinkly and lovely jubbly! 
The Fishing Quarter Gallery was horrible weather-wise over the weekend, it rained and rained and rained and the wind wasn't letting up either! To rally our spirits I went to town and bought two massive boxes of chocolates, you know the ones you get at Xmas in a tin (buy one get one free - woohoo!) so this cheered us up, and the customers who were brave enough to come outside! 
Got talking to a lovely guy called JJ on saturday at the Gallery,  he explained he was doing a photography project and wanted to take my picture. The project is called 100 strangers and you can see his work here... Excuse my portrait I was cold and tired and not expecting to be papped!!!

Goodbye, untill next time! 


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