Roll up!

I may be crazy but signed us up to do another stint at Brighton fishing Quarter, about a month after we packed down after the last show! The Xmas spot was still going and we did well last year, and the markets with Makers Boutique were all booked up with people still inquiring so I thought, why not?!
So, I will be back down manning this every weekend untill Xmas now. I am minorly aware I may end up making myself very ill working here (my good friend caught Pleurisy one winter working in her icy cold gallery!!!)  so I'm going to tramp it up with lots of cardboard on the floor for my feet (old market stall holders trick!) invest in a heater and make sure I never forget my hot water bottle and flask! It gets very cold down there as we are right on the seafront in the elements in the exhibition space. I'm looking forward to it again though, so please pop down and say HI! if your in the area! 

Heres the flyer I designed for it, but you can find more details about the event and other exhibiting artists at Beach Shack Project will obviously be there and I will be selling all my new Sterling Silver pieces. They have been selling well over the past week already so I'm quite chuffed. I feel a competition brewing! 


If you didn't see my last post all the new items are now in the shop, I've switched to Sterling Silver for all my work now so will be adding to this collection as I go. Here are some pictures of muggins (me!) to showcase the scale of the jewels!  I have since decided I have a massive forehead and may have to relist my sister into modelling the rest of my work for me now!!!! 

Goodbye, untill next time!


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