Tables have turned!!! (up!)

Well, I'm very sad! Been waiting in most of today for a delivery of brand spanking new trestle tables for the exhibition tomorrow! They are so exciting! After huffing and puffing and grappling them up the stairs to the flat (so heavy where is Steve when I need him - NOT HERE!)I managed to get them out the boxes with some ninja knife work. Next step was working out how to put them together as my brain is more lightly to adhere to such a task now rather than at 8am tomorrow. Again, where is my man?! There were no instructions (they fold in half) so I had to work out that the strange alan key type bits of metal, that tumbled helpfully out of the box, actually slot into a magical hole that keeps the tables upright, horay - girl power!!! Such a non-momentous task for some, a huge achievement for me! That deserves some biscuits and a big cup O tea! Anyway, I love my new tables, once you know what your doing they don't take long to assemble and they will be useful at the markets too. 

Been making some more work for gallery too, and will be listing them online so whether your in Brighton or Japan or Hawaii you will be able to purchase them too! Woo! 

Brown Sea Glass Heart Pendant

Stunning piece of two tone Slag Glass, Candyfloss Pink and Lime.
 Very old, this glass was popular in the 1880's, ribbed with a milk glass back.  

Very chunky piece of sea pottery. Every now and again I am flummoxed by a particular shard and this one took several attempts to wrap because of its thickness before I was happy with it! 
The thickness is probably an indication of its age, as time goes by and people try and manufacture commodities for cheaper then the quality goes down. Glass and pottery is so much thinner nowadays than back in Ye Olde days!!!  

I can safely say, hand on heart, that I will never find another cobalt heart! 
Very special and still in two minds whether to sell this! Great present for a loved one.

 Another example of slag glass, more common example of one colour on white, but still an unusual find. 

I'll list these properly in the shop soon but I'm very tired now. Going to finish the floorplan for tomorrow and get into bed with a nice cup of tea and watch 90210, which I certainly wouldn't be able to do if the man was here! Bonus! 

Goodbye, untill next time! 


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