Bish Bash Bosh

Well its nearly Xmas and I've been practising for what I do best over the festive season...eating. Theres been a plethora of food recently, mainly because Steves been around and he is an amazing cook. I don't really enjoying cooking personally, if I can make it in 5 minutes its great! This has resorted in some bizarre dishes steve refuses to eat (Quorn, garlic and mayo anyone?! No...?!) anyway, heres the lush roast he made on was so good! Steve had chicken but I didn't, he made red cabbage and cauliflower cheese too, Mmmmm....

Tasty Morning chocolate croissant with Rose tea :-)

Bit dark here, but we have a variable smorgers board of vegetarian delights; humous, babaganoush, olives, salad, balsamic oil, artichokes and tasty bread, had this with some mulled wine for lunch yesterday at a pub in Firle! Was so good I didn't eat dinner till about 10pm!

Beautiful Panettone! Took a gamble and bought one from Waitrose this year. This is what I will mostly be getting my way through this Xmas! I hate hate hate xmas cake, pudding and mince pies (bleurghhhh) so this is my saviour through the holidays!

Last Weekend at Brighton Fishing Quarter Gallery too...

Goodbye, untill next time!

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