Bling Rings

Been making more rings and brooches since most of these sold last week in Lewes!

These are all for sale at The Brighton Fishing Quarter Exhibition (see for more info!

Its been really cold at the gallery so I bought these fabulous orange lace and grey wool wristwarmers by an artist called Anna Brixner, due to my new big phat ring being too big to be accommodated in traditional gloves! I heart them! Been wearing them with a fantastic leather and suede jacket I found on a bench outside the gallery, I love finding stuff, the best things in life are free!!!
Very excited that a Cafe Nero has opened on George Street in Hove, not that we didn't have enough boring chain high street coffee shops already, but they sell individual chocolate Pannetones which are basically spiced chocolate orange dense cakes. As far as I know its the only place in Brighton to buy little versions of it!

White chocolate & Raspberry cake from Talk of Tea- best tea room in Brighton! Stocked up on loads of Earl Grey and Rose Cognac there recently...tea heaven...

Macaroons! I got my best friend into these when she was last in Brighton, she doesnt have much of a sweet tooth and hates Meringue (has a phobia of eggs-as you do!) But I persuaded her to try them and now shes addicted! And angry because she can't find any in Kernow! Gotta love the Macaroon!

And thanks Tina for my cupcake today from Cloud9, was AMAZING!!

Goobye, untill next time!

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