Need a Pooter...

I always think these lights are so pretty at the Grand Hotel in Brighton. It always makes me smile when I walk past...

Things that don't make me smile, horrible evil spiders. This one has been trapped under a wine glass for 24 hours as I'm scared to do anything else with it. On closer inspection it doesn't look that big here but its much bigger in real life. Honest. I can see its fangs!
I'm feeling pretty bad about the whole conundrum morally, as it may die before Steve can dispose of it tomorrow, but I also hate spiders so much. I'm sure they all wait untill I'm alone and come out.

Very excited as I went to the Silver shop today and stocked up on more wire and findings so going to be making some more pieces for the online shop and some last minute stock for my stockists. 

Maybe I should make a handmade Pooter...????

Goodbye, untill next time


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