Gal Stern...again!

As I write this I am gazing out of the window at a sea of angry rain and wind. I'm meant to be opening the gallery today but the weather is so bad I don't think its going to clear. Horrible cold winter is in full force, and my mind has turned to tights as it so frequently does this time of year! So I have been procrastinating by enjoying some online window shopping! I don't actually wear trousers, ever, don't really find them comfortable and being tall means you have to go on a bit of a mission to find a pair that fits, unless you want your shoes to look like they've had an argument with your socks! So I have a massive collection of tights instead.
I love unusual tights, and I love anything cool & handmade, and Gal Sterns hand screen printed designs are awesome. I have several pairs of hers and I heart them. She's got a new collection and I want them all! Sigh...

I'm also a bit obsessed by everything at Laste, a shoe boutique in Brighton that also sells awesome hosiery by Antipast, Falke and a local company called Funn. Just discovered their online shop and love it all!

Not loving the fact I have to go out in torrential weather and walk the hound though, one of the more negative aspects about owning a dog! 

Goodbye, untill next time.


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