Kernow Hayle Shop

I'm down in beautiful Cornwall at the moment, walking the beaches, eating pasties and failing miserably at pub quizzes!


Walked from Menabilly to Fowey, had the BEST florentine ever in Fowey.

Found some fantastic driftwood at Menabilly (one bit was about 6ft long and was a bit of a beast to get back up the cliff!) The flat bit is a boat rudder I'm intending to use as my new sign for Beach Shack Project at the craft fairs.

My mums homemade humdinger of a Pasty!!! These badboys are huge! Liberally covered in loads of Ketchup Mmmmm!!!!

 Bean loves a good road trip! 

But the main reason I came down was to help Kate out with renovating the new
Makers Boutique shop we are opening in Hayle, on Penpol Terrace. You
may remember me mentioning my other company, Makers Boutique, which I
run with Kate, where we run Art and Craft Fairs and exhibitions which
showcase contemporary handmade items by local designers. I live in
Brighton, and Kate lives in Cornwall, so it was only natural something
was going to crop up in Kernow eventually... 


 The shop was the villages hardware store, the original plan was to have the Beanbelt (tea's / coffees) on one side of the shop, and Makers Boutique on the other, selling handmade Arts and Crafts with a haberdashery. But Kate, eagle eyed girl that she is, spotted a good business idea when lots of people kept coming in to buy hardware when she was inspecting the premises. We decided to merge the hardware into our concept too (afterall, what creative person doesn't use a hardware store?!) so we will also be condensing the stock and selling this too. All all sounds a bit random, but we envisage it to be like an old General Store. Unfortunately the shop was in a bit of a state. Me and Kate both used to be Cleaners in Brighton, and we have cleaned our fair share of filth from end of tenancy Student flats to Celebrity pads, but nothing prepared us for the state this shop had got into. I have had 60 year old 1cm thick dust dripping onto my face that I have been scrubbing from the ceiling this week. Glam, aye?! Its a big big BIG job, but its slowly coming together, and were hoping to open on Monday...

 Shop Front...

A small shot of the stock left by previous owner to sort, Kate seems to be developing an uber scary inner database of screws, nuts, bolts and rivets at the moment from organizing them all!!!

Steve the builder and Kate! Getting the new floor down...

My manky black water bucket!!!

Cake for Breakfast makes everything OK!

Walking Bean on the beach in and Kate went Shell collecting this Morning...

Some cute Beach Chalets...

 Oh BUOY!!!!!

Me painting that hideous ceiling!


This is me modelling Kates fabulous vintage hat, very 1980's! ITS SO BIG! 


Kate's doodles of the Shop Fascia...We have drunk so much tea already this week. Kate has been drinking Williamson, my new current fav Earl Grey too.  Love it!

Anyway, despite the grubbiness its been so much fun already, and can't wait to see it transformed further. But I'm off to bed now because I am knackered!
Goodbye, untill next time!


  1. What a brilliant idea for a shop. We could do with another branch in one of the New Forest towns. I`m sure it would do well. There are so many people doing arts and crafts at all levels and in all age groups.

    Good luck with the new shop and with all that cleaning!


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