Clay tips

Ahh the inevitable rain...took Bean and sausage up to the Clay tips this evening for their walk and the heavens promptly opened. Typical!
If you ever fly into Newquay you will notice all the Clay tips from the air and the beautiful milky blue pools of water dotted around. Lots of people think the tips are ugly but I like the way the industry has changed the landscape, its almost lunar. Most of the areas arent mined for China Clay anymore so Imerys has opened many of these sites up to the public and let nature take its course, its an unusual yet beautiful place to visit and has inspired many artists.

Had a David Hockney-esque moment here, his latest work from the yorkshire countryside of paths and avenues...obviously his work is ten billion times better than my iphone pic but the inspiration was there!

Hockney would be happy to see a Dachshund running about though!

Goodbye, untill next time!

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